4 Benefits of Scent Marketing

Despite holiday sales and the impending rush, some shops struggle to remain profitable. When retailers have problems, even during the busy holiday season, it may be time to consider scent marketing strategies. Like it or not, the way a store smells has a tremendous influence on customer behaviors. Retailers of every size have used music to create an ambiance that keeps shoppers around longer. Today, some shops are appealing to customers’ olfactory preferences as well, by diffusing pleasing scents in-store. Below, shop owners will learn a few ways scent marketing can help.

It Helps Buyers Focus

According to a study done at Washington State University, consumers responded more effectively to simple scents rather than complex ones. In testing, one study group sampled an orange scent, while others smelled a blend of green tea, basil, and orange. The buyers in the first group spent 20% more than those in the second. Researchers concluded that single-component scents didn’t distract participants as much as the more complicated blends did.

It’s Easy to Tailor Scents to a Marketing Strategy

Small businesses need every possible advantage to stand out in today’s crowded marketplace, and scent marketing is a great way to do it. With a scent logo, sellers may help potential customers make certain brand associations. According to research, lavender encourages relaxation, while citrus smells make shoppers perk up. Customers are more likely to remember smells than they are radio commercials or print ads, and when the business owner chooses the right scent, they can make an indelible impression.

It Reinforces Branding

People are also better at remembering scents than images, and that’s why in-store scents are often used as billboards. People naturally, but unconsciously, go where their noses lead them, and pleasant scents may attract shoppers to certain parts of the store. Business owners can visit this link to find out how to develop a signature scent.

It Keeps Buyers in the Store

In a recent example, a toy store used a piña colada scent to convince parents to stay around longer. Other aromas have different effects. For instance, lavender slows visitors’ perception of time and smelling it encourages shoppers to linger.

Scent marketing is a great way to bring in visitors and turn them into customers, and it has numerous benefits. Visit the website to learn more or call today to begin creating a signature scent.