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Importance of O-shot

O-shot is used by women to restore their libido and it is a drug-free solution and is also an alternative to medical approaches. Older women experience certain sexual disorders that can be really distressing to them and they include reduced sexual urges, vaginal dryness and reduces sexual responsiveness. Women can now regain their self-confidence back thanks to I-shot as it is the ideal solution to these disorders. O-shot is made up of PRP that is rich in platelets and bioactive proteins that stimulate cellular renewal and accelerates tissue repair. PRP are responsible for healing any sexual dysfunction, overactive bladder and urinary incontinence that many women suffer from especially during old age. Therefore, the following are the importance of taking O-shot.

O-shot increases sensitivity. Women who do experience sensitivity during sex is that it messes their sex life. During sex, you need to respond and this only happens when have the required sensitivity. The O-shot contains platelets act as a gesture, thus drawing more of your body’s resources including the stem cells and blood supply to your clitoris and vagina. As soon as these resources start to work together, they increase the health and sensitivity of the tissues that are built in the vagina. Once you regain your sensitivity, your libido goes high and that’s a better path for orgasms.

The second reason why using O-shot is the best idea is that it reduces urinary incontinence. Women who are in the menopause stage of life experience certain conditions such as urine incontinence and conditions mostly affect their sex life and overall confidence. Urinary incontinence is a urinary track ailment where a woman is unable to hold her urine especially during sex. O-shot decreases this condition in women as it works in way that it stimulates healthy tissues growth, increases blood flow and thus retaining the elasticity of the vaginal walls making then to hold the bladder in a better way.

The last benefit of using O-shot is that it increases vaginal lubrication. Dryness during sex can be so uncomfortable and painful and this is a condition that many women experience especially those who are almost hitting menopause. The pain that women feel when they do not have enough lubrication during sex is because the vagina walls are wreaked by the friction. O-shot increases the lubrication of the vagina as its boosts it sensitivity thus making the tissues respond to the occasion. O-shot also provides you with elasticity and lubrication that you need during sex.

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