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Caring for The Mentally Ailing Persons

While in school one of my friends who was a classic nerd was the most popular on the campus. He was very rough while talking to fellow college mates besides his poor grooming practices and incompetence. Due to his behavior, while interacting with other college mates, he would at times face extreme troubles. Later we noticed that our fellow student was suffering from Schizophrenia.
His episodes did care whether he is in a crowd or social gatherings. For instance, he gets hysterics whenever he comes across someone performing. People suffering from Schizophrenia are a challenge to interact and understand, and these leaves a dilemma in the community on how such individuals manage their life. You at times have to try hard and calm them down, and this was our role with my friend in college. Through trying an patient, we used to protect him masses of people who seemed not to understand the reason behind his

The bigger percentage in our society is not aware of the inappropriate and feelings experienced by persons with mental disorder and may harm them to protect themselves. The upright metal persons may think like it is a weird behavior that the ailing individuals possess. Though it is not right to treat anyone with disrespect, most college students would give an excuse for not being aware of the mental conditions of our friend. Our institution being a Christian college, I could not comprehend their behavior.

Being a condition of a mental disorder such individuals face rough time in their daily life due to the manner in which they are treated in the community. It is the responsibility of all including the church to extend care and love to the schizophrenia ailing persons. We have to let go of the malicious believes in our society and support these individuals through treatment and recovery process. Very true that we believe that God is our true healer, but we have to take the right medication, it does not affect our faith at all.

The big question remains, what effects do mental treatments have on our Christian faith, that is different from physical therapies. The dilemma remains, what is the difference between chemotherapy and antidepressants and their connection to Christian faith. It does not make sense to separate the body and mind, both make a complete human, we need to create a friendly environment to aid the recovery of our suffering brothers and sisters. Mental disorder is a spiritual matter, and it demands spiritual solutions. However, we have to be realistic and care for our brothers and sisters who are vulnerable.

The change that our brothers and sister are taking is exciting. In the church today, counseling and medication and CBD oil are recommended for mental illness. The total care and compassion to mentally unstable persons in our community will improve their recovery period.

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