I Have Been Working from Home Once More

Of course it is really hard when the kids are stuck indoors, but Jake is old enough to get vaccinated and he wanted to do it the very day he turned 12. Once he was fully vaccinated he was back to playing street hockey, basketball. He was telling me about the guys who were doing a sewer TV inspection service on the other side of the park. Apparently him and a bunch of his buddies thought this was really cool, although the entire concept was lost on me. He is going to basketball camp next week, although it is at the local YMCA which is nearly close enough for him to walk. I can drive him there in less than ten minutes. When he comes home he is studying math on his own, as he has decided on his own that he needs to make sure that his grades are good if he wants to get a basketball scholarship.

Kim and I play games ourselves, although she knows that I need to work and is not too interested in playing with her Dad for hours. She mostly watches Youtube videos which teach her how to dance. How she has the energy to do this for hours and hours is amazing to me. I mean she is dancing like a tiny maniac for a very long time. I would be laying on my back gasping for air in about five minutes. I was amazed the other day when I learned that she had taught herself how to juggle from watching videos. It seems as though she must be quite good at it to me, but she says that she needs to learn a lot more stuff before she is ready to take it to the park and do it for money.