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Why a Good Keyboard is Critical

The input experience in a smartphone can break or make one’s experience with a phone. Due to evolution of keyboards, smartphones have become very user friendly. Most of the smartphone layouts tends to be based on T+ technology and also tends to use the computer layout commonly known as QWERTY layout. It would also be critical to note that one can enjoy the computer layout and have a buttons big enough making typing very easy to master. While the user has the liberty of sliding the fingers horizontally and vertically in coming up with words and sentences, one would also consider tapping keys directly for the same purpose.
One would also be amazed at what sliding up and down would expose him or her to. With the invention of the use of gestures when coming up with phrases and sentences, smartphone texting has become one of the most effective way of communication. With the best keyboards, one also tends to make communication more interactive by use of smileys and emojis.

. The user also tends to enjoy the benefits of high tech inventions where the keyboard technology tends to learn from one’s contacts, tweets as well as from messages to make suggestions especially on output. Some of the input also tends to allow one to use the voice input, mixed language predictions, and multiple language prediction. The technology also tends to allow one hand keyboard layout especially for larger touchscreens and also tend to come with a speed and meter statistics tracker. One would also need to note that some of the best keyboard technologies have been adopted by some of the mobile manufacturers.

Shift and alt are also a possibility in smartphone texting where one can easily introduce shift and alt by simply sliding and tapping. One would also be assured of several languages and hence no need of struggling with some letters or even with autocorrect. It would also be critical for one to note that where one has the best keyboard, he or she can be sure to turn pages and change the keyboard layout using animated effects. In addition, one would be missing word prediction as well as auto-correction whenever he or she mistypes the moment he or she installs the wrong keyboard. In addition, one can change other aspects of the keyboard including the skin, the input language, as well as the layout. One would also be amazed to know that it is possible to change the keyboard sound as well.

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