Taking Control of Business Marketing

Many business owners find a marketing agency and pay for ongoing services. Content writing, search engine optimization (SEO), creating backlinks, and monitoring the competition can all get expensive when being outsourced. No one knows the business like the owner, so there is no one better to take control over the marketing. In many cases, it is a matter of not having enough time to devote to marketing.

All-in-One Platform

Business owners can now create content marketing, get new ideas, and take advantage of immediate growth opportunities through the Zag platform. This new approach provides techniques, success, and world-class support via several applications that can be changed on a monthly basis. There are no contracts, the pricing is currently still in Beta, and there is a free fourteen-day trial offer. Categories for solutions include content promotion, keyword planning, market research, competitive intelligence, and SEO insights.


There are over a dozen applications under each category. If the results from one application do not meet expectations, there are many more from which to choose. The variety of applications also allows owners to keep changing up presentations and ways to attract customers. The golden rule of content and marketing is to always have something new that will capture the attention of customers. This makes adhering to that rule quick and easy.


Three packages have been developed to accommodate the budgets of any size business. All packages include access to dedicated and expert support. Business owners can pay monthly or annually, and the pricing is affordable. The startup package allows owners to operate up to five applications at one time and create one campaign.

The pro package will operate fifteen applications, including advanced ones. Up to three campaigns can be created, and five sub-users can be added. The enterprise package includes custom services, the opening of fifty applications at once, and the addition of fifty sub-users. The first two packages can be upgraded as the business grows. Save money, try new approaches, and have fun with marketing. Owners typically have control of all aspects of operating the business. Why should marketing and content be any different?