Things every Possible Prospects should know about Executive Recruiters

If you are leading a group of fast-rising talents all your life, there’s a big chance that talent recruiters approached you every time they get a chance. In today’s world, where transparency is essential and with the rise of social media sites that offers recruitment services like LinkedIn, business leaders are more accessible and more visible than ever. Although these platforms are good for building connections and making new business ventures, they also create confusion when someone you don’t know approach you and is suddenly talking about a unique opportunity.

According to a known executive search recruitment expert, here are some inside information on what to do every time an executive-level recruiter approaches you, or how to approach them properly and what you need to know about them.

Executive recruiters are not the same

Before you start talking to an executive recruiter, you need to ask them if they are employed by a recruitment company that has in-house recruitment or if they are from a contingency firm. If they are from an executive search firm, you need to know if they are from a retained executive search company or a contingency firm. Executive search consulting companies are used to find senior or high-level executive positions or for board directors. These research firms used to find people that are harder to persuade or harder to find due to their advanced management skills. These people have the potential to make or break a company if hired. Contingent recruiters are used for detecting potential recruit in mid-level positions, from entry-level to a supervisory position. As a likely candidate, you should only talk with legitimate recruiters working for independent basis firms. It will ensure that every detail of your career is in good hands and will only be disclosed to the organization that will hire you.

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Makes sure the recruiters work for their clients, and their clients alone



When looking for executive-level prospects, companies may use executive search companies to help them look for the right person for the job. These search companies are specialized consulting firms that can deliver benefits aside from attracting possible prospects, they also assess the company, the culture inside the office and assimilate the best possible scenarios. They advise the top executive leaders and the boards about what kind of leaders they need in their company to maximize their skills.

These search companies work for the clients, and their clients alone, in finding the best executive prospects that will fill the gaps in their client’s company leadership team. These talent search firms offer specific expertise and knowledge related to the industry to ensure that all their prospected candidates are the right one for the job. Finding executive candidates needs proper research, tons of screening tests, networking and an exhaustive, systematic selection process to find the right man for the hiring company.

The important thing to remember as a possible prospect is that, search companies don’t represent you. They only serve you the moment to become a serious contender for the job. They work for the company that will hire you. They are expected to deliver the right prospect that fits the role for that company.

Building a relationship between recruiters goes both ways

Since searches handled by search companies looking for executives are not advertised on job posting sites or board, executives should make sure that they are visible to have a chance in the position. There are ways possible executive candidates can ensure visibility to search companies.

You need to speak at industry events relevant to your chosen field. You also need to participate in conferences as panels. Publish leadership related articles on online platforms like social media sites for executives, or you can make your blog.


Participate in organizations related to your chosen field

Before you start talking to people in the search consultancies or search companies, you need to do your research about the hiring company as well as the executive search firm. Look into the common ground between you and the executive searching company. For example, if you are good in sales and marketing, make sure that the searching firm specializes in finding an executive in sales and marketing. Every executive searching firms should maintain clear communication with the marketplace and should understand what is happening in major companies, as well as the trend that is happening inside the workplace. One way to do this is to talk with other executives. Remember that search companies will find your commentary on the market and what is happening inside every organization beneficial to their searching process.