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Baidu Search a Marketing that is Trending in the Eastern Market

Google as impacted the Western Markets enormously – something that has given them the great reputation of all time. That is why most businesses rely on the search engine when it comes to marketing their products. Nonetheless, this isn’t the case in the Eastern hemisphere. In fact, research show that Google represents a trifling 2.3% of all searches in China. Conversely, Baidu is trending in the business arena with more than 68.5% of all searches made on this platform. Of course, there are other competitors, the 360 Search being the nearest one with its share amounting to 14.2%.

Baidu is such a formidable search engine in the Eastern countries, and the developers weren’t going to rest until they take advantage of the Eastern communities and build their business empire in the global arena, even if they would have to copy the strategies used by the Google. Over time, the developers offer it a unique brand that finally revolutionized the Eastern Markets. And there wasn’t anything so complex that Baidu used; all that it did was to ensure that it explores the full potential of Chinese texts through analytic and interpretive technology. And Google didn’t have the capacity to do this, even today.

What’s more, you need to remember that Baidu is technology agency and so it has a range of services to offer. As a matter of fact, the search engine service was one of their extension services. You see, Baidu is famous for amazing cloud computing services, excellent translation services, a web browser, video platforms, music, maps, as well as amazing travel sites, and much more. Nevertheless, a huge amount of return comes from the search result pages that they get as well as the built-in ad network system. And as to why it enjoys great markets in the Eastern world is that Baidu has been built on Simplified Chinese language – technology that doesn’t support another language.

And the Baidu’s layout is a simple one. It is designed in such a way that the system places the most searched and related topics in its sidebar. The layout is eccentric. In addition to that, the sidebar includes extra information such as links/videos of all the content that you may be looking for in there. Searches also come with text description and other designs that help visitors navigate and find what they really need. If you need to search for a person named “Chris Smith” on Baidu, the search results will always pop up with “related” actors alongside the target search that you needed. If you need products, such as clothes, you will find more than a few options along with the intended brand and style.

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