A New Lock to Keep the Office Safe

When I fired one of my workers, I knew that I needed to hire a locksmith to change the locks on the door. This was a trusted employee who snookered not only me but the rest of our office crew. She was stealing money right from under our noses, and she did not take getting fired very well. That could be because the police got involved when I fired her. Anyway, I want to provide a safe work area for everyone. I did an online search for locks changed in Brisbane, and I found a locksmith just a few miles away who would be able to do it the same day that I called.

I suppose that this should have made me more wary of the other people who work for me since she was so trusted. but I am just not built that way. She tried to throw others under the bus, but the stories just did not match up the way she said so I knew that she was alone in this theft. The locksmith came out that day, and he went over some options with me. He told me he could replace the locks on the door and give me however many keys I wanted.

He also gave me another option which was to have a lock with a touchpad. This is a digital lock that is mounted outside the door, and each person would have their own code to get in. That was extremely appealing to me since the fired worker told me that others were in the building at the times the thefts happened. This would definitely let me know who was in the building, so I agreed quickly to have that kind of lock installed instead. I do trust my other workers, but I also know that this is going to keep it safer for everyone working here too.