How Jio Brought a Great Change to Indian Telecoms Sector?

No doubt, because of advancement in technology, we are able to witness several changes in the telecom sector. One of them is the introduction of Jio in the telecom sector. With several services and offers, Jio has undoubtedly become a brand name. Today, you will find at least one Jio network in almost every home. This is the first network that has provided cheap 4G data to India. With its free internet and free voice calls, Jio has just changed the way of using mobile networks. Thus, it can be said that it has brought a great change in the whole scenario of Indian telecoms sectors.

Here’s a list of important ways in which the telecom industry has completely changed after the introduction of Jio network:

  • High-speed mobile data:

As compared to the 3G, 4G offers high-speed mobile data which makes people choose it. Because of this reason, consumers prefer choosing Jio. As per the TRAI, jio has the 18Mbps downloading speed while other networks have less downloading speed than Jio.

  • Free voice calls to local and STD:

Another important change that Jio has brought to the Indian telecom sector is the free voice calls. When jio launched, it gave the offer of free voice calls to the consumers. The best part is that Jio users can make free voice calls to the same network as well as other networks.

  • Increased number of 4G smartphones:

According to the surveys, it has been found that after the Jio’s entry in the telecom sector, the numbers of 4g smartphones have also increased. Jio offers 4G mobile data that make consumers to buy a newsmartphone that is compatible with 4G service. This has been proved beneficial for many smart phone companies.

  • Improved online streaming:

Jio has completely improved the online streaming and viewing experience for the consumers.Jio offers various streaming services like Amazon Prime Video, Hotstar etc. Along with this, it has JioTV app that has simplified the way of online streaming.

  • End of 3G:

With the introduction of the 4G network of Jio, 3G services got left behind. Though 4G came into existence in 2015, many operators were still offering the 3G network to its consumers. When jio started serving the 4G network for its consumers, other networks also provided the facility of 4G migration to their consumers.

  • Availability of improved internet:

If we are talking about the change that Jio has brought then we cannot forget about improved broadband internet. Jio has made it possible for its millions of consumers to access the internet that too free at high speed. Along with this, there has been seen a record increase in the customer acquisition of the Jio network.

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