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How to Find a Good Dentist

If you’re looking for a new dentist, there’s plenty you can choose from. But of course, not all of them will be right for you. Though it sounds simple, finding a good dentist requires a few important considerations and a little homework.

Below are helpful tips for finding the right practitioner:

Asking for Recommendations

Ask friends and family members if they know a good dentist they can recommend. They’re the first people who will gladly offer you information they know. Ask all sorts of relevant questions – for instance, is the dentist kind and patient? How is the cleanliness of the office? Are the staff friendly? What payment options are available?


Of course, you should look into the dentist’s credentials. Needless to say, they should have a license and be member of professional dental organizations, such as the American Dental Association.

Beyond Cost

Dentist have unique pricing but the differences in their rates don’t necessarily speak of the differences in service quality. You will do well to compare apples to apples. Every patient is unique as well, requiring a different approach to treatment. But common sense will tell you to be careful with dentists who charge either dramatically higher or lower rates compared to the others.

Chain and Non-Chain

Chain dental offices can offer excellent care, and being usually located in prominent areas of the city, they are an easy choice for many. But your local dentist is probably the one who will be around for the long term. Additionally, non-chain dentists work independently and are not subjected to corporate pressures, such as having to provide a certain number of treatments per day. Hence, they can give you more time during your appointment and create an unhurried treatment plan.

Internet Research

It pays to explore your potential dentist’s website and read reviews on them by former or existing patients. You should check their Facebook page as well and take note of their exchange of comments with others. The purpose of all these is to get a view of the dentist’s overall philosophy and attitude when it comes to their patients and the practice itself. Oral care is not a one-shot deal, after all, which means you’ll need a professional that you have chemistry with.

Making Comparisons

Finally, before you choose a specific dentist, compare them first two maybe two or three other dentists in town. You don’t have to restrict yourself to considering just one potential dentist. In fact, when you have more prospects, you will be able to make comparisons and it will be easy to know whether or not a particular dentist is indeed the best for you.

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